Rustic Driftwood Furniture & Accessories


When you think of "rustic furniture," it probably brings to mind images of bent willow chairs and log benches like the ones our great grandparents sat on for those formal pictures a century ago.

At O'Neil Rustic Creations, our rustic driftwood furnishings bring with them the flavor of this past heritage, yet with a uniquely modern look.


Each piece is hand crafted with the beauty of nature in mind using mortise and tenon joinery.  The result is a truly unique creation that can serve as both art and functional furniture.

And it is this unusual blend of characteristics that make our creations the focal point of any room in your home.

To view our uniquely crafted furnishings, please visit our Rustic Furniture section.


Or, if you're searching for an unusual Rustic Accessory for your home or office, please visit our Other Creations section. There you'll find a variety of Mirrors and Lamps, as well as smaller items such as Business Card Holders, Candlesticks, Napkin Rings and even Coasters.

Have a special piece of Rustic Furniture in mind?  Then read on to learn about our Custom Creations...


Custom Creations

In addition to the rustic furnishings you'll see on our site, we can also create a custom-crafted piece to meet your special needs. To learn more about our Custom Creations, please feel free to call or e-mail us at:

(412) 364-1245

Thank you for visiting O'Neil Rustic Creations, and we look forward to meeting all your rustic furnishing needs in the years to come!